$100 Million
to Charity

New Balance Foundation Champions Active Lifestyles and Healthy Communities

Since 1981, New Balance Foundation has invested in research, and clinical, educational and community programs that promote healthy lifestyles, children's fitness and nutrition, and overall community wellness. Our primary focus is the prevention of childhood obesity. We recognize the root causes of childhood obesity are complex, and change will be slow to take hold. That’s why New Balance Foundation is committed for the long-term. We are investing in resilient partnerships that are research-driven, collaborative in nature, and innovative in approach. Together with our partners, we will turn the tide on this 21st-century epidemic. Since its inception, New Balance Foundation has granted more than $100 million to
best-in-class non-profits. We will distribute approximately $7 million in 2019.

Responsible leadership is the moral fiber that is woven in our culture. It is part of who we are and what we strive to be.

-Anne Davis

Our Mission

To drive change in our global communities with an enduring commitment to preventing childhood obesity and championing the future success of today’s youth.

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