Men's 990 Shoes


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Men's 990 Shoes

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New Balance 990 for Men

If you’re looking for a style that embodies our heritage, look no further than the ageless New Balance 990, a trainer that was first released in 1982 as part of the revered 99X series. With the 990, New Balance created a timeless template that showcased all the qualities that would come to define our brand. No wonder it remains a benchmark style 40 years later. First and foremost, the New Balance 990 is a rigorously designed running shoe that offers support, comfort, and durability but, crucially, it doubles as a design classic that looks every bit as good as it feels. As befits an iconic design, the original New Balance 990 has spawned an array of exciting updates over the decades and the the New Balance running shoes for men range showcases this evolution, featuring every iteration, from the New Balance 990 v2 to the v6.

New Balance 990 Made in USA

The New Balance MADE in the USA collection celebrates the authentic American craftsmanship that is so central to the New Balance story. That story began in the early-1980s when our designers were tasked with creating the single best running shoe on the market. That running shoe was the original New Balance 990. The fact that we’re still making the 990 40 years later is testament to their success. New Balance 990 MADE in the USA trainers are still constructed without compromise - utilising premium materials and time-honoured craftsmanship, just as they were in 1982.

New Balance 990 Running Shoes

The fact that the original New Balance 990 was the product of a design brief that demanded the best running shoe on the market makes clear that it’s always been more than just a pretty trainer. We happen to think that our designers smashed that ambitious brief and the 990, in all its iterations, is still a great choice for serious runners. Indeed, the 990 played a big part in defining the qualities that have become synonymous with New Balance running shoes – comfort, durability, and support.

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