Sunday 28th April 2019, London will come alive and the world will watch as the 39th Virgin Money London Marathon will take place, as the official footwear and apparel sponsor New Balance has everything to make it an unforgettable event from exclusive products, race day T-shirt printing and even our very own pub for race day celebrations.

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Marathon training can feel like a lonely experience with no one applauding the progress you've achieved, no one calling your name as you push your body to the limits to achieve that extra mile. Each mile takes you one step closer to your goal. This is your race, this is #EVERYBODYSRACE. We've teamed up with five runners to follow their marathon journey documenting their training, struggles and determination, building a community of support for all marathon runners.

You are not alone — This is Everybody's Race.


Everybody's race

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Best Run Ever

Official Virgin Money London Marathon Merchandise

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The Runaway

The currency is miles... Runners can exchange hard earned miles
recorded on Strava for pints in The Runaway.

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