What would you tell your future self?  As team NB looks to what’s next, they reflect on their values, convictions and experiences through a letter to their future self, which reveals not only who they are, but also who they want to be.

Watch their stories and write your own letter below.


Joe Root


Letter to My Future Self

It’s going to hurt.
Early mornings, late nights.
24/7. 365.
Sacrifice upon sacrifice.
Because there are no weekends in sport.
No excuses.
Every day is a chance to move forward.
To overtake the enemy.
But the enemy isn’t India.
South Africa or The West Indies.
It’s you.
It’s the voice telling you to press the snooze button.
To be happy with 100 when you could’ve got more.
Be remembered for something greater than how many
followers you have.
Lead by example.
Run a little further.
Lift a little heavier.
Relish the pain.
And always remember…
The moment you think you’ve made it, you’re finished.

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Have a Goal. Then Beat It.

You can train in batting, practice catching, brush up on fielding, but some things you’re just born with. Things like grit, determination and confidence. These are what make an athlete great and Joe Root brings them to the sport of cricket by the ton. His fire and passion have propelled his progress in the game and marked him as an essential part of England's cricketing history and future.

Root spent his childhood immersed in cricket. For him it wasn’t a hobby, but a way of life. One that consumed his family, his time and his mind. Witnessing the dedication of cricket stars like Michael Vaughan from such a young age created the spark. Playing alongside them lit the fire.

Being the next in line of prolific captains would shake even the strongest athlete, but when Joe Root took on that title at the age of 26 he ran with it - fast. It’s no surprise that he’s not only one of England's youngest captains, but also England's greatest batsman. As an athlete who prides himself on never settling, his strength of character and determination has made him the batsman and captain he is today.

If the last thirteen years are anything to go by Root is just getting started in carving his own legend status and he’s not short of spectators to keep him on his toes.

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milos raonic



World Tennis Star Milos Raonic
Fueled by Fire Within

Letter to my future self


Never lose the fire.

The fire to train, to compete, to win.

The fire to get better, to rise, to succeed.

It’s the fire that drives you, that forces you to hit harder, to keep going, to bleed.

The fire is your source of energy, your power, your character.

But, don’t let it consume you. You use it. You share it.

You can spark in others the fire to fight, to overcome, to become fearlessly independent.

The fire will give you everything in life...

...or take it all away.

Keep the fire burning.

Yours Truly,

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World Tennis Star Milos Raonic Fueled by Fire Within

When you meet Milos Raonic, several things (besides his insane height) become immediately clear: his poise, thoughtful nature and graciousness. But underneath Milos’ quiet demeanor is an intense passion for tennis that he can’t contain. And never wants to.

Originally born in Yugoslavia, Milos moved to Canada at a young age, where he was encouraged to pursue academics by his parents, both engineers. Unable to resist the allure of the court, he convinced his parents to let him pursue both school and sport. But the thing about Milos is - he pours everything he has into anything that he does.

Milos excelled in the classroom, graduating two years early and fluent in four languages, all while fanning the flames of his rising junior career, which eventually led to him breaking the top 100 in the world at 20-years-old.

Despite how effortless he made his journey look, as he become the most successful Canadian tennis player in history, Milos explains that he channeled his inner-fire to focus on improving just one day at a time.

“To be the best at something takes a lot of work. It doesn’t happen quickly,” he explains. “I constantly strive to get better at everything I do, every day, but it’s an ongoing goal.”

Fueled by his successful 2016, highlighted by his first Grand Slam final appearance, Milos’ fire is burning stronger than ever. The hunt to become #1 in the world is officially on – and when you ask him why he continues pushing, he responds simply, “Because I love the game.”

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alexis sablone



XGames Gold Medalist
and Architect,
Alexis carves her own path

Letter to my future self


Don’t do what’s expected of you.

That’s boring - more importantly, it’s not you at all.

You have to be yourself, and if that means being different, be different.

You’re a female, an individual, you have something positive to offer, so don’t limit yourself or let the world limit you.

Pursue only the things you love.

Do that endlessly, without compromise, and without fear of failure. Do that and there will be no time wasted - nothing to regret.

See things in a different way.

Every detail and empty space - Imagine somethig new there.

Carve your own path.

And don’t look back.

Yours Truly,

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Alexis Sablone carves her own path, in sport and life

If you have an image in your head of what Alexis Sablone might be like, think again. Pro Skate boarder and X games medalist, Columbia undergrad and MIT grad, and an architect to boot—Alexis Sablone doesn’t fit the mold, and never wants to.

Alexis grew up where her creativity took flight at a very young age through drawing and storytelling. Perhaps that’s why she fell into skating, as she commented on the symmetries between these arts. “It’s a way to never be bored, because there’s always a possibility in things” she said.” And by the age of 12, she was already competing with big name sponsors behind her.

Her risk taking nature made her a fit for the skate world. And her focus was unparalleled. “I’m not paying attention to other athletes or what they’re thinking. It doesn’t feel like a competition against other athletes. I’m focused on me. I’m in competition with myself. Trying to be in the moment. It’s a mental game, and a risk taking game.”

By the age of 17, she reached the cross roads that many pro athletes reach: go to college, or continue competing. The decision to go to school and not compete felt like the biggest risk she’d ever taken. The choice to follow her intellectual dreams versus her athletic skateboarding dreams was daunting. “When I decided to go to college, I had to drop my sponsors to focus on other things – it felt scary, but freeing at the same time. It was a choice I wanted to make. I thought this was the end of a cross roads.”

But in true Alexis fashion, she didn’t let one supersede the other—she conquered both. In between classes and sleeping in the lab, she was skating. And when she graduated with her Masters, she got right back into it. Even with limited board time compared to some competitors, she’s already nabbed 5 XGames Medals!

Alexis is a role model for many young, up and coming female skaters. She’s really defied conventions of what’s possible in life, and in sport. Above all, she reminds herself, “don’t do what’s expected of you,” and “never look back”

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Greatness isn't Given

Letter to the Future of England Cricket

Dear 677,
Whoever you might be.
This is England.
The home of cricket.
Forget what you’ve done before.
None of it matters.
We’ve taken wickets. Scored runs. Held catches.
But you, you’re on the first step of a staircase to greatness.
So start climbing.
Do that and you’ll be one of us.
We’ll teach you. Protect you. Guide and welcome you.
But what we can’t do is carry you.
So hear this.
Out run us, out bowl us, out work us.
Take our place in the team.
Because if you do that, we’ll win it all.
One day internationals.
Twenty twenty.
Being the best in the country’s one thing.
Being the best in the world is another.
Because one thing's for sure…
…greatness isn’t given.

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The Future of England Cricket

Only 676 people have ever played Test cricket for the England Men’s team. 676 in 140 years. Tom Armitage was No.1 back in 1877 and each player since has been given their own unique number, which sits proudly under the England crest on their shirt.

It takes years of dedication to reach the international stage. Very few make it, but you can be sure that those who do have earned it. England have some of the most talented squads in the world. The Test team won the historic Ashes series against Australia 3-2 in 2015. The T20 team reached the final of the World Cup in 2016. The England ODI team currently hold the record for the highest ever total of 444 and the England women were a part of the first Women's Test series in the summer of 1934–35. It’s safe to say, if you play for England, you’re one of the best cricketers in the world.

But it’s all about what they do next. The England teams are aiming for world-domination in all formats of the game. And every player knows that they must earn it. Because at the end of the day, greatness isn’t given.

We are at the beginning of a new generation of cricket. One that is steeped in history yet looks forward to an exciting and contemporary future. The current England team are part of a very special few. But the future them, the future of each team, will be those who have yet to play for England. The next generation.

And to them, and to number 677, we say good luck.


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