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To receive your order by Christmas, please place your order by midnight on 19 December, 2014.

*Exclusions apply on the following models: New Balance 1260v4,New Balance 880v4,New Balance 1340v2,1400v2,Minimus Zero Trail v2,Distinct Authors 1300,Distinct Authors 996,Connoisseur Painters 998,Connoisseur Painters 1300,Connoisseur Painters 574,Gentleman's Pack 1500,New Balance 576,Elite 572,New Balance 996,Vintage Premium 574,90s Outdoor 574,Static 574,Pennant Pack 574,New Balance 574,Elite1600,Elite Urban Exploration 1600,Elite Sonic 1600,New Balance 600,New Balance CRT300,Made in UK Flying the Flag 300,Made in UK Heritage Court 300,Connoisseur Guitar 1400,Made in UK Flying the Flag 1500,Made in UK 90s 1500,90s Running 530,Made in UK Neutral 576,Made in UK Flying the Flag 577,Made in UK Test Match 577,Made in UK Test Match Leather 577,Made in UK 670,Distinct Weekend 990,Connoisseur Guitar 996,Distinct Weekend 996,Connoisseur Guitar 997,Distinct Weekend 997,Connoisseur Guitar 998,New Balance 373,New Balance Rip-stop Mesh 565,Pique Polo 574,Out East 574,Vintage 574,Blossom 999,Elite Urban Sky 999,Elite Urban Exploration 999,Revlite 996,Urban Cycling 996,Tokyo Design Studio 996,Urban Noise 580,Elite Urban Exploration 580,New Balance 410,70s Running 410,Mono 410,70s Running 420,New Balance 420,New Balance 430,Retro Running 446,Connoisseur Guitar 574,Tokyo Design Studio 420,Palm Springs 574,Sorbet 580,New Balance M988,Speckled Print 574,Pop Tropical 574,Balance M988,Speckled Print 574,Pop Tropical 574

About New Balance

New Balance began as a Boston-based arch support company in the early 1900's, developed into a specialized shoe manufacturer in the 1970's, and has grown to become a leading global athletic products company. Today New Balance is a family of brands including New Balance, Dunham, PF Flyers, Aravon, Warrior and Brine.

Since the days of selling arch supports to police officers and waiters, New Balance has been a brand concerned with meeting the needs of the everyday athlete. Part of producing superior footwear and athletic apparel is manufacturing it to fit all widths and sizes, because a better fit produces better performance.

To ensure the best fitting, best performing shoes and apparel, we focus on improving our technology and production methods. A big part of that is maintaining five manufacturing facilities in the United States and one in United Kingdom. We have also remained committed to a core set of values that include integrity, teamwork and total customer satisfaction.


  • Casual women's footwear with remarkable fit, comfort, performance and style.
  • Brine
    Performance products for lacrosse, soccer, field hockey and volleyball.
  • Dunham
    Distinctly-styled, comfortable men's footwear for work and casual wear.
  • Action shoes that are the original synergy of good looks and active comfort.
  • Warriors
    Innovative performance products for lacrosse and hockey.

Our Mission

Demonstrating responsible leadership, we build global brands that athletes are proud to wear, associates are proud to create and communities are proud to host.

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